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*EL Dorado Insurance* - Sponsor

Andy Ring
General Manager
3673 Westcenter Dr.
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: 800-221-3386  Fax: 800-700-0126

El Dorado Insurance Agency has been insuring businesses in the Security Industry for 50 years. Since 1968, El Dorado has been committed to providing industry-specific service and plans tailored to their customers' individual needs. In 2017, they launched the industry's first online portal where Private Investigators can apply to get immediate insurance coverage day or night. Their trained agents provide a level of customer service that has allowed El Dorado to continue to grow and become the premier insurance agency for Private Investigators and other Security Industry professionals.

*E-Chatter* - Sponsor

eChatter is a Social Media Intelligence Firm that supplies critical information on a person of interest from the deep web. Each scan that we conduct includes images, photos, online conversations, connections, URL information and more. We deliver the finished product to you within 48 hours in an easy and understandable report. McAfee certified as Social Media Intelligence Analyst, we do the heavy lifting for you which saves time and money.

Kathy A Doering
630-922-7804, ext. 102

*JT Palmer and Associates* - Sponsor

Behind every successful private investigator is their trusted source for hard to find information. Let JT Palmer and Associates be your "go to" source for verified results that you can count on!

JT Palmer and Associates, LLC is a team of research specialists dedicated to providing current information to private investigators who are unable to locate specific details through paid data bases. Our researchers give personal attention to each request and verify all results at a competitive price.

Some of our services include:
● National and International Asset Searches
● Employment Locates
● Employment History
● Phone Number Research
● Insurance Research

We guarantee our results to be current and accurate information obtained by following all Federal and State guidelines. JT Palmer and Associates, LLC operates in full compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and all privacy laws.

My contact info:
Judy Shea

* Yergey Insurance Services, LLC* Sponsor 

Yergey Insurance Services provides insurance coverage and services to our customers with the utmost in honesty and professionalism. Our goal is to educate our clients in the insurance field and work with them to determine and locate the proper coverage for each individual client and business. We also pledge to continue to service and grow with each client to maintain these goals.

Yergey Insurance is pleased to provide insurance private investigator industry. We understand that the scope of private investigator and have been providing insurance to meet the needs of private investigators for over twenty years. At Yergey, we work with local, state, and national organizations to provide outstanding products and services to their membership and to the industry at large.

Yergey Insurance offers coverage for General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Workers Compensation, Cyber/Privacy Liability, Commercial Auto, Property Coverage, Bonds, and more…

Michael T Yergey
Specializing in the Investigative and Security Industry
7371 Atlas Walk Way, #603
Gainesville VA  20155
(571) 248-3190
Toll Free: (800) 683-1226  Fax: (877) 418-5422
Web Site: http://www.yergeyins.com
Email: mike@yergeyins.com


Mike Perez | Director, Investigative Markets 
IDI, a cogint company (NASDAQ: COGT)
2650 N. Military Trail, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33431
561-757-4016 Direct 
844-778-1740 Toll Free  
561-723-7001 Mobile  
561-336-0025 Fax

PI Gear

THE PI FAMILY OF SERVICES: The PI FAMILY of products is owned by retired and former law enforcement and military professionals. The MAGAZINE has a professional editorial staff and graphics design team and utilizes writer and contributors who are well known and established professionals and subject matter experts.
PI GEAR/PI BOOKSTORE: PI GEAR and PI BOOKSTORE are a combined ecommerce site offering professional grade surveillance
equipment, and counter-surveillance equipment along with professional grade books and
reference materials for the professional investigator. Book on-line stores draw its repeat customer base
from PI MAGAZINE and organic searched driving both the professional and consumers to the site.
PI DIRECTORY: PI DIRECTORY is an on-line searchable professional listing database of thousands
of professional investigators from around the world. PI DIRECTORY is regularly
used by other professional investigators to locate other professional to use as
consultants or sub-contractors in other geographical areas. Many civilians, legal
professionals and process servers use PI DIRECTORY to locate professional investigators
to retain for additional services. All listing individuals go through a vetting
to ensure they meet the directories requirements for membership.

Jim Nanos, LPI,
542 Cross Keys Rd  #3-228, 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
T - (732) 308-3800    C - (609) 780-3817


Brad Dalhover
Vice President of Business Development
Office: 844.620-8555 x 700
brad@crosstrax.co | www.crosstrax.co

The core of the CROSStrax case management system was first designed as the in-house case management system for the founders Patrick Andrews and Rob Seymour’s investigative company, TIG Risk Services (“TIG”).

The system was then battle tested and improved through daily usage by TIG’s owners, managers, office staff, operations staff, sales reps and field investigators over 20 years. The feedback derived from their real life/true/actual investigative experiences paved the way for constant improvements to the platform so an investigative company can grow and succeed. Thus, before it was released it had proven to be a great platform to productively and profitably manage an investigation firm.

Since CROSStrax was made available to the market in 2014, it has been preoccupied with staying ahead of the curve and improving. We continue to listen to and learn from feedback from the investigative community in general but more importantly our users and their staffs. This approach allows us to update our platform, add new features, and implement new technology on a regular basis.

Paraben Corporation

+1 (801) 796 0944
39344 John Mosby Hwy Ste 277
Aldie VA 20105-2000

Paraben provides solutions. We specialize in digital forensics, risk assessment, and security, but we love technology. Our platforms data processing engines are renowned for the details we can pull from computers, email, mobile device, smartphones, and IoT devices. Paraben’s technology has been around since 1999 and we have always innovated. Paraben’s E3 Platform was the first tool with a unified interface to deal with all types of digital data. Paraben offers solutions that build new capabilities into digital investigations. Paraben’s workflow optimizes team efforts and ensures the best data production.

Round Rock Spy Shop

105 East Old Settler’s Boulevard - Ste 110
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Phone: 512-519-9909


My Private Eye®

Angel Allison
800-860-7731 x 5
Website: www.mypi.us

Private investigation and process service are critical components of the Justice System. The investigators and court officers within these industries serve important roles helping to ensure that the wheels of justice continue to spin. Process servers locate and serv e court documents to witnesses, defendants and/or victims in order to notify them of court proceedings. Private investigators assist corporate America, individuals, and law enforcement in obtaining evidence needed to secure civil judgments and criminal convictions thereby helping to restore equilibrium. In some cases, their work will help to exonerate a wrongfully charged and/or convicted person paving the way towards restoration of individual rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is imperative that they have the most advanced and efficient tools at their disposal. One such tool is a powerful web-based software program designed to streamline their casework. The My Private Eye® software program provides them with functional technology that is both user-friendly and simple to operate while in the field.

Many of the other software companies were built by programmers with no industry experience. Their programs are a one-discipline design, meaning the functionalities are either targeted specifically for private investigation OR process service. None of them combine both ends of the spectrum. Thus, customers are forced with subscribing to two sperate software programs in order to do effectuate their jobs as a private investigator and process server.

My Private Eye® has recognized the dual role in the industry and provides a software program encompassing ALL of the functionalities necessary for the person who wears ‘both hats’ that of a private investigator AND a process server!

The My Private Eye® software program was developed by a private investigator for private investigators. There has never been a program in the market that has been built exclusively by someone having direct experience within the industry…until NOW! All the advanced functionalities of My Private Eye® have been field tested and approved by seasoned investigators, process servers, and former law enforcement officers.

Thomas E. Santarlas, Ph.D. is the founder of the My Private Eye® software program. He has been involved in the private investigation and process service industry for the past 23 years. Author of various published works, Dr. Santarlas has significant research and writing experience within the industry. One of his published articles entitled “Analyzing Process Server Software Functionality” outlines several key components in comparing software programs.

Dr. Santarlas has been appointed by the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court to be an instructor for the certified process server course. He has been providing the course curriculum and certifying new officers for the past 13 years. Hundreds of new process servers / private investigators have benefited from the training and have gone on to utilize the software to successfully build their businesses.

My Private Eye® software…built by an investigator for investigators! Try it NOW and experience the best private investigation and process server software program in the market.


Tracers has been powering thousands of licensed private investigators and law enforcement agencies with investigative data for over 20 years. Tracers combines public-information records with self-reported data sets to give investigators access to people, address and telephone histories, vehicles, businesses, social media activity, assets, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, evictions, licenses, associates, and so much more — packed into an affordable comprehensive web-based system that is easy to read and comprehend. With meticulously managed data and ongoing updates derived from over 6,000 sources, Tracers delivers the data that drives investigations forward to completion.

Tracers recently launched a new advanced online platform for licensed private investigators to conduct the research they need with ease. Tracers’ representative, Bernadette Kramer will lead a presentation of the new platform showing how the system delivers critical data that helps solve cases faster and with less expense. From decades old search solutions such as skip-traces, criminal records searches, and asset searches to other more recent necessities such as social media searches, Tracers delivers that data that investigators demand. The new platform is designed for today’s private investigator that is on-the-go and needs information instantly by providing a mobile friendly interface, but also offering a user-friendly interface when used on a desktop, laptop, or tablet as well. No wonder Tracers has been voted the #1 data provider to private investigators!

Jay Forgét

Worldwide Person and Info Locaters (Clark)

Clark Shedden
A Worldwide Person & Information Locators Inc.
108 S.E. 34th Lane, Cape Coral, Fl. 33904
Phone: 888-693-3463    Fax: 239-540-8019
Worldwide Person & Info. Locators Inc. is America’s #1 info company for P.I.’s. We are not a Database Company. Our information is real time up to date of request. Nationwide results for: cell & landline # reverses, non-pubs at any address, cell # locates, utility searches, PO box breaks, hard to locate person searches (nationwide, we find them and verify), nationwide mv & criminal histories, asset locates, locate Ins. Co. for any vehicle or home and much more. Call for price list 888-693-3463 or send to email infodet@aol.com. Most accurate info provider with same day service for most searches. Once again, not database searches. No set up or monthly fee. In business since 1995. We are always there to answer questions.

On Point CMS Branding Sheet

Contact Information:
Brian DeAntonio - Customer Support
(727) 742-7526
Industry:  Technology, SaaS
Company Bio:
On Point Case Management System is a 360-degree solution for your risk department or investigative agency. We provide the tools you need to improve your organization, increase efficiency, and scale your business operations. Whether its document management, reporting, billing and invoicing, or video links, On Point has you covered.


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