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FAPI Industry Vendors

Board Accredited Investigator Designation (B.A.I.)

The BAI program allows those who wish to voluntarily establish a higher level of education and credentials to do so, thus separating themselves from the average investigator.

International Intelligence Network

Intellenet is a world-wide network of investigators and security consultants. Our selective membership is restricted to individuals with extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, or private security. We offer an assortment of diversified services, and operational scopes are virtually unlimited throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our members represent some of the finest investigators available in the world. Many are retired or former government agents from the highest echelons of both military and civilian elements. Regardless of client needs -- regional, national or international --INTELLENET members provide unique services to corporations, law firms, families, individuals and foreign allies.
Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action

Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action was formed based on the industry need for proactive legislative action. Just like you, we have a significant amount of experience in the investigative and security profession. ISPLA will help guide federal and state legislation to benefit our industry

World Association of Detectives

The purpose of the World Association of Detectives is to promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in our profession and to foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among our members and allied organizations. We endeavor to further and to establish a mutual feeling of trust, goodwill and friendship.

National Association of Legal Investigators

The National Association of Legal Investigators is the premiere professional association for litigation investigators. Founded in 1967 by a group of legal investigators on the staffs of plaintiff law firms, NALI quickly grew to include criminal defense investigators and not only staff investigators but private investigators in their own practices. As the legal landscape evolved over the years, NALI members found themselves in demand for litigation support services in the courts of equity in addition to the common law courts. Today’s NALI members provide fact-finding in personal injury cases, criminal defense, probate and estate matters, property and contract disputes, corporate due diligence, family law cases, and other matters that may or may not end in litigation. NALI’s members live by these words: “Without the true facts, there can be no justice.”
The National Council of Investigation and Security Services, Inc.(NCISS)

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services, Inc., is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services to the legal profession, business community, government and the public. Each day we find an increasing number of problems confronting the orderly growth of our profession. These problems include, among others: overly restrictive legislation regarding training and standards, proliferation of legislation requiring local licensing, public misunderstanding and misinformation on the role and contribution of private investigators and security services, and an uninformed media. It is the role of NCISS to meet and solve these problems while seeking to uncover and recommend action on any hidden potential problems which may have an effect on our profession.

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