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Florida Association of Private Investigators Professional Code of Ethics

Article One: I will observe the precepts of truth, accuracy and integrity, and work to achieve the professional objectives of this Association.
Article Two: I will be professional, ethical, and fair in the performance of my duties.
Article Three: I will at all times recognize and respect the professionalism of my peers
Article Four: I will be cognizant of and respect the rights of others at all times.
Article Five: I will be just and honest in my professional dealings with all persons.
Article Six: I will strive to avoid disagreements with fellow members by being polite, courteous, and professional, in my deeds, acts and words.
Article Seven: I will faithfully and diligently carry out my assignments, representing the best interests of my clients, and insure that all investigations are conducted truthfully and factually.
Article Eight: I will render honest, unbiased, unembellished, and complete reports, withholding nothing from my clients except that which may be required by law.
Article Nine: I will accept no compensation of any kind from another person or entity, in regards to the same matter, without the knowledge and consent of my client.
Article Ten: I will safeguard confidential information and exercise due care to prevent its unauthorized disclosure.
Article Eleven: I will attempt to be current in my knowledge of laws applicable to my profession, and will abide by those laws at all times, never willfully, nor intentionally violating a law.
Article Twelve: I will not intentionally engage in the improper and unethical solicitation of business.
Article Thirteen: I will diligently attempt to continually learn about new laws, rules, and regulations, and strive to educate myself in all facets of the work in which I am engaged to be able to better represent both myself, my profession, and my clients.
Article Fourteen: When giving an assignment to another member, I shall pay all agreed upon statements in a timely manner.
Article Fifteen: To promote, protect, safeguard and ensure the integrity of this Association, and our profession at large, I will advise our Board of Directors if I become aware of another member whom I have reason to believe, has failed to conform to this Code of Ethics.
Article Sixteen: I will not do anything to bring discredit to the Private Investigative profession or this Association
A downloadable PDF copy of the FAPI Code of Ethics can be obtained by Clicking Here.

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