Board Accredited Investigator Designation (B.A.I.)
The BAI program allows those who wish to voluntarily establish a higher level of education and credentials to do so, thus separating themselves from the average investigator.
To achieve this title an investigator must hold a valid private investigator’s license and successfully complete Board approved, ongoing intensive training which may be by written exam, specialized training courses and submission of a white paper on an investigative subject not restricted to a particular state. The results of the effort must be evaluated and approved by peer review. To maintain the designation the licensee must pursue continuing education on an annual basis and in accordance with the strict guidelines of the board.
Only those elite few individuals who meet and maintain the very highest standards of the investigative profession are admitted into the BAI program. They then must successfully complete the required extensive and enhanced training regimen to ultimately be awarded the BAI designation. They are truly the best of the best.
For those who are interested in being recognized for their ongoing voluntary training, submit a white paper on any investigative subject of your choosing to the FAPI BAI Chairman and agree to attend ALL training at the 2014 FAPI convention, including the pre-conference.
BAI designees will receive a special certificate of recognition, the use of the BAI logo, a private BAI email list, peer recognition as the best of the best investigators, opportunities to serve on the BAI Board of Directors, be able to attend BAI only events such as unique specialized training and educational opportunities throughout the year. The initial cost is only $50, and that is to primarily cover the start-up costs which will be incurred for printing, advertising to “Hire a BAI”, and so forth. 
After two years of existence, the program is planned to be turned over to the Intellenet! Once attaining the designation, in order to maintain it, BAI’s will be able to take their training online through a BAI site that has already been engaged and is in testing, or by attending training or seminars sponsored by any recognized investigative organizations, legal seminars, law enforcement training or by additional testing as may be set forth by Intellenet! Contact BAI Chair Reggie Montgomery for additional information.


Bruce Hulme
Hal Humphreys
Robert Jenkins
Don Johnson
Remi Kalacyan
Carrie Kerskie
Russell Kolins
Ana Lanuza
John McGovern
Jimmie Mesis
Reginald Montgomery
Ari Morse
Harvey E. Morse
Mike Newman
Catherine Olen
Peter Psarouthaki
Kevin Porter
Charles Rahn
Rick Raymond
Kelly Riddle
Al Ristuccia
David P. Roberts
Dennis Root
Chris Runbaugh
Alex Santos
Greg Scott
Herbert Simon
Karen Smith
Ed Spicer
Jeff Stein
Sandra Stibbards
Michelle Stuart
Angie Sweeney
Michael Thompson
Robert Weekes
Daniel Wescott
Jeff Williams
Jay Zager

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